Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kyoti's Nails LGBT Pride/Support Nail Art Contest

So, my first ever nail art contest entry! This contest was held by my good online lacquerista friend and blogger, Jessica of Kyoti's Nails. Click to check out her blog! Also, here is the post announcing the winners of the contest.

I am a straight ally of LGBT rights, and was honored to  participate in this contest to show my support. Submission below. And as always, you can click to enlarge the picture.
Topcoat, Natural Light
I loved wearing this one and I kept it on for a good week, only taking it off last night because it was just getting too worn and chipped. It was great because I had all sorts of people commenting and asking about it, so I got to explain its significance as June is LGBT Pride month. Solidarity!

I painted each finger the base color and used the Spun Sugar technique (I'll link a tutorial to the end of this post). This was my first time trying this technique and it was surprisingly painless, if a little time consuming (I'm impatient!). All you need is a toothpick and a plastic-type of surface (not paper). You then proceed to wrap or "spin" tacky little strands of polish around your nails. And voila!

This mani is wonderfully textured without a topcoat (example below), but I needed to take a shower and no way was I going to let things get smudged or ruined. It was night time, so all I have are indoor photos.

No topcoat, Indoors
I was experimenting with objects to hold and pose with. Sneaky Snake is the best snake.

Whee, texture! Though my thumb is an example of what to try and avoid. I think I kept accidentally touching my toothpick to the nail during the spinning process. But the rest of them came out quite nicely; not bad for trying something new. :)

Rich and Famous by China Glaze
And here's what I went with for my off/right hand, because it's summer and I love this color and it looked pretty fab paired with rainbow nails, not gonna lie. Sorry about my middle and index finger being slightly goofed. This was rather hastily applied when I was quite tired, but I knew I had to get this color on and get the topcoat drying for at least 30 minutes before I could shower and crash into bed. Anyway, it cleaned itself up after a day or two of wear. Oh, and this is only two coats, did I mention how much I love this color?

Colors used:
Left hand
CG's Coconut Kiss (purple)
Zoya's Sooki (red)
OPI's In My Back Pocket (orange)
Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow
CG's Entourage (green)
SC's Savage (blue)

Right hand
CG's Rich and Famous

And as promised, the tutorial for this technique. To be honest, this isn't the best video I've seen for this type of nail art. I first heard about this from blogger SimpleLittlePleasures (she has gorgeous stuff!) and I loved her tutorial, but I could not find it through Google or Youtube! =( But the following tutorial will give you a good idea of what to do if anyone wants to try it for themselves.

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