Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 8 - Taping (November 21, 2011)

This one took forever because I didn't have any Seche Vite at the time. Still a newbie, wanted to try some new pretty colors I had gotten plus nail stickers!

 Purple, China Glaze Coconut Kiss
Green, OPI Sephora, Leaf Him At The Altar
Teal-blue,  OPI Sephora Mermaid to Order
Did a base color of the green (a muted, earthy green with a nice silver metallic shimmer) and let that dry. Then did a half-ways diagonal taping of the teal-blue (let that dry), and then carefully realigned more tape along the blue/green diagonal and added my final strip of tape down the middle, where I painted the purple on the top-left side of the nail.

I remember not liking the stickers much after I put them on, but I was really excited about my taping success and wanted to make it extra special! Either way, it was a fun manicure to wear and I got to combine some really nice colors.

I don't remember how many coats the green was (I think 2, no more than 3), but both the purple and the teal-blue were one coat each in this picture. As you can see, both are wonderfully opaque in their single coat applications. :)

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