Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 20 - Valentines Day (February 13, 2012) and Review of CG's "Go Go Pink"

Second time dotting, first time stamping. My Hot Chocolate polka dots are supposed to bring to mind a box of chocolate, and for the record, it is THE PERFECT milk chocolate color. My first time using this color and I am so pleased.

And let the records show that Elsbeth's Rose transfers beautifully as a stamping polish. My first stamping success!

Review for China Glaze's
Go Go Pink.

Color Family: Pink
Color Finish: Cream

First time using this beautiful pale cream pink that I got from a swap. When the bottle arrived, I was initially annoyed that a fair amount had been used up already (while the bottle I traded was completely brand new; an accidental extra).
But it all made sense once I sat down to use it.

Application was a pain. It took at least five coats on each finger to get this level of opacity, something that really surprised me from China Glaze as their formulas are usually opaque in three coats or less, easy. In addition to being sheer, it was stubbornly streaky and took forever to dry between coats.

Once you get past the application, the color itself is gorgeous. I'm not sure if its from all the coats I used to reach opacity, but it ended up feeling delightfully squishy, as if gel.

Over all, I would give this color a 3.5 out of 5.0. While the end result is arguably worth it - you'd never guess it was such a pain in the butt to work with - I'm sure there are plenty of other pale pink creams out there with much easier application. I don't want to end up using 1/4 of the bottle every time I feel like a light pink manicure.

Application: 2 of 5

Color Intensity (Initial): 2 of 5
Color Intensity (Final): 5 of 5
Color Tone: Cool

Additional Comments: Streaky, Inefficient, Sheer, but you'd never know if all you saw was the final result.

Overall Score: 3 of 5

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