Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 27 - Easter

In the shade

In the sun

Conversation between my husband and I:
"Man, I don't know what I'm supposed to do for Easter nails. I don't celebrate it, I hate pastels, and I won't force myself into drawing eggs and/or bunnies."
"Hm ... So do zombie nails?"
"... but of course!"

...And that is all I will say about this week's theme. Although I do think its kind of weird that it's this week and not next week, seeing as Easter Sunday is April 8th.

From left to right:
Orly's Here Comes Trouble
Essie's Sew Psyched
Essie's A Cut Above the Rest
CG's Glittering Garland
CG's Red Pearl
I started with two coats of Sew Psyched and added one light coat of the green Orly glitter, Here Comes Trouble. For the red splatter: I took a straw, dipped it into Red Pearl's polish well, aimed it over the nail and PUFFED. For the zombie ichor, I took a toothpick dipped in Glittering Garland and pressed it/dripped it randomly here and there. I didn't want to risk overwhelming the blood splatters.

For the brain gore-chunks, I brushed a random streak of pink glitter, A Cut Above, and set a light-pink rhinestone (brainssss) some where in the glitter trail.

In-doors, pre-clean up

This PC picture was taken with my hubby's iPhone (because I'd left my camera's SD card at work). I think it really adds to the effect!  You can see the crazy red splatter, and my initial attempts at doing dark green splatter before I realized I'd rather do it manually.


  1. Ahahah this is so delightfully disgusting!! :D

  2. Haha! This is perfect! I did such a pastel Easter mani, but I think this is much more suitable for celebrating Zombie Jesus Day!

    Is it also funny that now I'm even more psyched to be getting Essie's "Sew Psyched?" I just ordered it - waiting for it to come now :D