Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 26 - Pastel

CG's Sea Spray
Zoya's Trixie
So with Easter just around the corner, and me not being a big fan of pastel colors in the first place, I decided to take some inspiration from the recent Dallas weather.

First attempt doing a cloud manicure - came out looking pretty darn good if I say so myself!

First time using Trixie since I got it and I have to say, I am in love. It far exceeded my expectations in the context of this manicure (stormy clouds, overcast skies). 

It goes on beautifully but is rather unforgiving when it comes to nicks and dents. But still, it perfectly fills the role of foil-finish silver for my collection.

Second time using Sea Spray, but first time using it as solid color. Opaque in two coats, applies smoothly and evenly, Sea Spray is another quality example of why China Glaze is one of my favorite brands.

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