Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week 29 - Inspired by Fashion

So I needed a cute themed manicure that would still go with a dress I wanted to wear to my friend's wedding today (Congrats Emily!!). I didn't really want to match it to my dress because I didn't feel like doing a black and white floral pattern with bright pink to match my cardigan, PLUS having to take a picture of me in it.  Basically, I knew I wanted a cute black and white funky french, polka dots, and little red bows and it was just a matter of finding something cute and fashion-y to base my vision off of!  

CG's White on White
SOPI's What's A Tire Iron? 

Zoya's Sooki

So, while this was inspired by this shoe, it was done with appropriateness to the special occasion in mind. It still went really nicely with my dress! I just did a straight-up solid application of the bright red I used for the bows (Zoya's Sooki) on my other hand but couldn't get a very good photograph before the weather turned bad. Here's the link to a quick review post because hey, solid color application clearly counts as a swatch, even if it isn't documented at each coat. 

Back to the my left hand (the one based off the shoe): While I worked darn hard on on the clean-up, my thumb's cuticle line was so stubborn (even after a hot shower). Also, my cuticles insist on being kind of dry here and there despite constant application of this cuticle oil I got from Sephora (by OPI) about a month ago. I've almost gone through the whole thing (with generous application): 

While the reviews on the cite are largely positive (and it does smell great), it only sort of works for me. I think my thumbs just refuse to hydrate no matter what I do (this cuticle oil + VS hand lotion + prenatal vitamins), so I guess I'm in the market for some kind of crazy hardcore cuticle moisturizer.

Also worth mentioning: Blue Cross Cuticle Remover is amazing and I do notice a difference between that and this OPI cuticle oil in most of my nails... but big guns are still needed from somewhere for my needy, stubborn cuticles. :(