Thursday, April 19, 2012

Swatch & Review - Zoya's "Tru"

So as you can see, I went and shortened my nails earlier this week. I had one nail chip weirdly, others were weakened, and I saw that they weren't all quite the same shape anymore.

Since I'd gotten my week's challenge done early, I used this opportunity to try one of my newer polishes that I'd picked up from Ulta in my most recent polish haul.

The lovely Tru by Zoya. These were taking in the morning of Day 3 of wear, so forgive any imperfections you may see. :)

Skylar on the left, Tru on the right. Taken in-doors to capture the shimmer effect.
Color Family: Purple
Color Finish: Metallic, Shimmer, Glossy

Tru is part of the True Spring 2012 Collection by Zoya. Tru is a lovely deep purple with a subtle gold shimmer. What you see here is three coats.

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Here is a close-up of my thumb to give you a better idea of the gold's distribution/presence. The gold shimmer is much more obvious outside and barely noticeable in-doors (but still there if you look closely)

Application: 5 of 5, three coats.
It applied beautifully and was easy to work with. What you see in the pictures is three coats. I'd say it's 95% opaque with just two coats but I noticed some subtle thin/bald spots in places, so a third coat was applied just to be sure.

Color Intensity (Initial): 4 of 5, one coat
This color is color only really needs two coats to be opaque enough that no one will notice unless they look closely. Though I put three coats on my left (photographed) hand, I let myself be lazy with only two coats on my non-dominant hand since I was tired and had errands to run. :)

Color Intensity (Final): 5 of 5, shown with three coats.
As I said before, you could get away with just two coats if you wanted to. Three coats is just for good measure and to guarantee even application.

Additional Comments: 
I've really enjoyed wearing this color for the past few days and it even got me a couple of compliments!This polish seems to me like a way toned down, non-flakie version of Orly's Fowl Play.

Overall Score: 5 of 5

Now the only polishes I'm missing from this collection are Farah and Lotus... maybe next time that I am at Ulta? :)

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