Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 18 - Inspired by a Movie or TV show

Sorry for the condensed format! I initially threw this together to make posting it on Facebook easier and in one piece.
Direct link to a bigger and better quality picture here:

Farscape nails! Since its sort of niche, I thought I'd provide a brief (and informative) collage so that you'd know what's what.

Farscape aired from March 1999 to Oct 2004. I remember watching it every Friday night with my dad, so there a lot of good memories tied to this show. Bought the whole series and am making Jacob watch it with me! As of painting this, we're on season 1 and almost on season 2. There were a few other characters I wanted to include (namely, John Crichton, the main character) but alas, not enough fingers on my left hand...

Peacekeeper thumb
China Glaze's White on White
OPI's What's a Tire Jack?
China Glaze's Red Pearl

Zhaan index
Base is Orly's Sweet Peacock
Sides - Nina Ultra Pro's Big Spender

Very light overall application of China Glaze's Blonde Bombshell

D'argo middle
Base is Orly's Act Your Shoe Size
Tattooing is Zoya's Kelly

Rygel ring
Base is Zoya's Jem
Green is OPI's Leaf Him At The Altar
Gold is Nina Ultra Pro's Big Spender

Chiana pinky
Base is China Glaze's Sea Spray
Sponging light silver is China Glaze's Platinum Silver
Sponging dark silver is Zoya's Freja

Right hand - Moya
Orly's Fowl Play

with Essie's Shine of the Times on the ring finger only

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