Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 16 - Splatter Nails (January 16, 2012)

1 & 2 is my left hand
3 & 4 is my right hand
Zoya's FrejaCG's Red PearlCG's Platinum SilverSC's Secret Admirer
This was a lot of fun but super messy! I got so many compliments when I wore this with a cute, dark grey sweater-dress. At least three people said my nails reminded them of Jackson Pollock!  

There are a couple of ways to do splatter nails, and  I chose the straw technique. Messy, but in my opinion, the most effective and cool looking! Clean-up was a major pain as there was polish everywhere, and not flooding your cuticles is pretty impossible with this technique, so go hog .

I did two coats of Freja, a gorgeous shimmery steel-grey, as the base color. For the splatter, I took three straws - one for each color - and dipped it a good half-inch into the polish well (you kind of have to guesstimate since you can rarely see into the bottle from the sides). Then you lift it out, letting any super-excess drip off, position it over your nail, and puff hard through the straw! It can be hit or miss sometimes. The main thing you want to avoid is just globbing a drop on your nail instead of splattering. Short, quick, hard puffs through the straw are the best way to go. And if you still end up globbing here and there, just roll with it. :) It'll all get smoothed out with the top coat, and no matter the outcome, it's art!

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