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My name is Catherine Vaughan. I am 23-years-old, married, and live in the United States. I work part-time during semesters where I am finishing up a BA in Sociology and plan to pursue my Masters.

My interest in this hobby was piqued when I stumbled upon the wonderful and inspiring Reddit Lacquerista community. I was blown away by what I saw - I never KNEW nail polish could be so fun! So varied! All these ladies (and occasionally gents) rocking these amazing, multi-colored, non-traditional manicures... And then I started reading the comments, links to nail blogs, Youtube tutorials.

Before I knew it, I was hooked.

In just five months I went from owning zero polishes to breaking one-hundred bottles as of last week. I feel like I've learned so much and have made substantial progress in improving my technique (though practice makes perfect, and I'm certainly not perfect ;).

I should mention that my husband, Jacob, has been quite the enabler through-out all of this! When I expressed interest in taking this on as a hobby, he was fully supportive and even took me out to buy my first batch of polishes that day. Ever since then, he has shown incredible patience and indulgence with me in all things nail related. Best husband ever!

This was the first manicure I gave myself after discovering the wonderful world of nail art. I remember feeling sooo nervous, taking the plunge and painting my nails (gasp) purple! How daring! How non-traditional! And that was before I added the blue glitter taping! I dubbed this my "racing stripe" manicure because it reminded me of a Mini Cooper.

This was also after several days wear; excuse the chip(s).

China Glaze's Coconut Kiss
China Glaze's Dorothy Who?

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