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I am following the official Reddit Lacquerista version of the 52-week challenge! For those unfamiliar with how these work, every week a new theme is assigned - be it color, technique, or holiday - and you, the lacquerista, let it guide your creative process. It's great for getting people out of their initial comfort zone and encourages you to learn and try new things.

Completely new to anything nail-art-y, I discovered and started lurking around the RL-subreddit in early October. Three weeks later I felt compelled to participate - it looked like so much cute, creative fun! - but that week's theme was nudes/browns (which I didn't have) and the following week's theme was metallics (which I also didn't have). But, I was determined to participate starting the following week  (Inspired by a Tutorial, quite fitting for my first ever try).

I've kept up with it pretty well since then (mid-November 2011), minus a three-week dry spell where my living situation made me take a break. I mean to go back and satisfy these and the earlier themes some point along the way of my current schedule.

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