Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Polish haul + Supplies restock!

So I got my tax refund in yesterday which let me poke around Ulta and Sally's with minimal guilt! Having been pretty broke these past few months (at least, broke enough to keep myself from buying any new polishes for awhile), this haul felt sooo good. And it was further justified because I was nearly out of q-tips, pure acetone, and cotton balls.

Also! I think I've figure out the next level of laquerista nail-care evolution - Blue Cross cuticle remover. I see and read other blogs whose authors have the most beautiful, supple, healthy looking cuticles and I've been trying my darndest to emulate them: daily applications of cuticle oil from OPI Sephora + being better with keeping my hands moisturized with nice smelling lotion from Victoria's Secret... but still, my cuticles looked dry, cracked, and messy, even after pushing them back pre-manicure!

But I think Blue Cross, which can be purchased from Sally's in a big-ass container for ~$5, has been my missing link. You just dab it on with a clean q-tip, let it soak for ~30 seconds, and then scrape off the dead cuticle skin with an orange stick or tool. After watching several youtube videos about application and use, I tried it last night and I noticed such a difference! Will post pictures later. :)

Polish from left to right:
Luxe, Snowcone, Liquid Crystal, Riveting, Fast Track, Stone Cold, White on White, and Seche Vite's Fast Drying Topcoat.

That huge bottle of pure acetone was only about $3.00! Also restocked on jumbo cotton balls and q-tips (regular and pointed). Picked up some orangesticks (always good to have around) and the bottle of Blue Cross. Also got a new bottles of Seche Vite, White on White, and indulged myself in a few select polishes from sets I've been coveting (CG's Hunger Games collection and the new Prismatics line)

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