Friday, April 6, 2012

(mostly) Zoya Haul!

So this is my second haul this week - don't judge me!

The hubby wanted to celebrate Friday with me picking up wings, which I agreed to on one condition: that I be allowed to stop by the Ulta on the way and pick out five polishes as payment for the long drive.

Worth it!
Maisie, Skylar, Tru, Tao, Pirouette My Whistle

 These are some of the Zoya's I've been pining for these past few weeks (at least, ones that my Ulta carried). I limited myself to only one of the three flakies, Maisie, because I'm honestly not that big in to them and I already have Essie's Shine of the Times if I'm in the mood. But Maisie seems pretty unique for a flakie with its lovely blue-green opal shimmer.

Skylar and Tru are ones I've been wanting sooo badly this spring. They also had Lotus, which is also on my wishlist (I think I could do something really neat with Bevin, Cho, and Lotus), but I already have a disproportionate number of purples so it will have to wait. I love their shimmers though - Tru especially just looks so unique and warm!

Skylar and Tru

Tao is just a gorgeous steely grey with a soft metallic shimmer. At some point I'll do some swatch comparisons between Tao and Freja, but I can say that Tao's metallic finish is subdued while Freja's metallic finish is much more pronounced. But, that is a blog post for another day!

OPI's Pirouette My Whistle, NYC Ballet Collection
I remember coming across swatches of OPI's Pirouette My Whistle, along with the rest of the New York City Ballet Collection, a month or two ago. The collection as a whole is just a bit too sheer, muted, and subtle for my taste, but this polish stuck with me in my mind as really sweet and pretty unique: very fine, silvery micro-glitter with larger pearl white hexes in a clear base. You can sort of see it on my thumb over Fast Track (though most of the fine glitter you see is from Fast Track). I just did a quick brush or two to get a feel for the hex distribution, and it's quite nice! I didn't have to fish around for the bigger pearly hexes and there's a healthy density of the fine silver micro-glitter. I'm beginning to wonder if I have any polishes that are soft enough to really complement Pirouette without the whole thing being too busy. I may have to pick up more from the NYC Ballet collection after all!

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